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COVID-19 Update

  1. Case Update:  We’re now at 935 cases in North Carolina.  There are 63 counties with cases.  There are 87 people hospitalized with COVID-19.  We have 4 confirmed deaths for North Carolina.  The new demographic and hospital information, along with the county map is available at the following link:  https://www.ncdhhs.gov/covid-19-case-count-nc .

  1. NC DHHS Guidance:  the NC DHHS website, ncdhhs.gov/coronavirus , contains the following guidance and resources for a range of stakeholders. Information is changing rapidly and will be added and updated:

  1. Medicaid Changes Policies to Encourage Telemedicine: Effective Monday, March 23, 2020, Medicaid temporarily modified its Telemedicine and Telepsychiatry Clinical Coverage Policies to better enable the delivery of remote care to Medicaid beneficiaries. In addition to telephone conversations and secure electronic messaging, the modifications will include the use of two-way real-time interactive audio and video to provide and support physical and behavioral health care when participants are in different physical locations. 

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